This link page is a list of nice nepalese websites and blogs. Let’s try to build a quality directory.

🔗 To establish a single long distance East-West trekking and a network of trails.

🔗 Nepali Food and culture blog, enhance your cooking skills.

🔗 A very active blog about entertainment industry of Nepal, movies, events, music, fashion…

🔗 Blog from a nepali engineer about PHP coding and open source software.

🔗 Nepali web applications, news, technology, media, culture.

🔗 Very complete educational platform to promote eyes health in Nepal.

🔗 Entrepreneurship, economics, public policy, books, movies, travel and more…

🔗 Blog dedicated to travel, they have some talented journalists in Nepal.

🔗 A group of bloggers : news about Nepal and Nepali people.

🔗 About Nepal history.

🔗 WordPress themes made in Nepal with heart.

🔗 Things that titillate or irritate find their way here. Nepali blog about various things.

🔗 A group of friends travel enthusiasts, photographers and adventurers. Travelling in and around Nepal and share their stories

🔗 Sustainable children home, seed savings, permaculture.

Please, submit new site in the comments area down, Webmasters you can register your own website to promote it as long as it’s somehow related to Nepal.